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Hey, I am currently using Ifastnet service and i have also opened ticket but didnt get reply till now.

My problem is, Site is not opening in airtel connection but opens on other network i.e. Jio

Can anyone help me. I really need you help

Update- Jio opens my right site but airtel opens any other site. Maybe Dns problem …suggest me please how to solve it

Hello there. If you are a iFastNet premium member, you should use their support and not ours, as our system works differently.

I am not quite sure what you mean by this, but your site is working for me. Try clearing your cache and giving it another shot.

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I didnt get a reply from ifasnet.

That site opens up when we use airtel connection. Please open thorugh jio network. Then you can see the difference.

Like when we use airtel …then http site opens up and when we use Jio then my site (Https) opens.

So, it works than? What exactly is wrong, it sounds like the site is opening both ways. Also, do you have premium hosting or not?

Yes sir i have premium hosting.

In short, whenever i opens my site via airtel connection now it is showing domain suspended and when opens through vai jio network it opens right.

As I said before, if you have premium hosting, you will need to contact them. The premium system works differently than the one here. The entire suspension system, as well as how the servers operate, is completely different. You will need to ask their support for more information.

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