Site not functioning properly upto the needs

I hosted my site yesterday but it is not functioning properly up to the needs. It is working properly on my local machine. Will it take 72hrs to function properly?

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Hello @vishal123, your website ( is working. I can see:

Welcome to WriteSoft

SOLUTION: Clear your cache or browser data. And try to view it again.

Will it take 72hrs to function properly?

-Yes, if you create an account recently.


Actually the data is sometimes stored in database and sometime it doesn’t .May i what what is the issue.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what issue you would like us to solve exactly. You say your website works, but doesn’t display all the correct data from the database?

Because that’s not related to the 72 hour waiting period. That period is just for DNS caching, and on a single device and network, a website either works or doesn’t work at all. If it sometimes works and sometimes works partially, that’s probably not related to DNS.

Can you please explain what data exactly should be shown but isn’t shown at all times?


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