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I can upload but keep getting 404 messages

I see this

Make sure that if you want to make the site shows up properly,name the file you want it to load to something like index.html or index.php.
I have no ideas why did you get 404 but you probably uploaded them outside of the htdocs folder so they are deleted.And there’s no way to access files outside from htdocs in a browser.Related topic


Just took a deeper look of your site.It seems that the links in the file algeria.html is corrupted.So you have to fix them.
Either edit the file with a local text editor then upload,or edit directly through the online file manager.


How is the links corrupted?

Kindly change the homepage HTML file to index.html

This is not the main index had same issue on awardspace

How is my html curupted?

You never define the XHTML document. You are missing mandatory HTML tags. Your file does not seem to be saved with the correct encoding. Your anchor tags are missing the href value (There are no "'s). The HTML center tag is depreciated.


Can you give me a example of what I am doing wrong?

You need a file named index.php or index.html

Put your HTML code through a validation tool like, and see the errors it gives you.
An example is having two body tags in

Make sure to copy-paste your HTML code in the “Direct Input” option, do not “Validate by URI” because this system will block it:


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