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hello dear
i want to migrate my website from infinity free to ho-s-tin-ger host.i have downloaded all in one wp migration and create a backup of my website but when i start downloading the backup file but my backup file not downloading it shows me error.what can i do any body help me…

Please get help from

Backup plugins do not work well on free hosting

You should do it this way


i want to migrate my website frm infinityfree to hostinger bcz i have excenged it to someone and i have installed all in on wp migration tool on my website.and then i have created a backup after a sucessfully creation of backup when i click on download my backup i cannot download my backup files…anyone helpme out…remeber i m using free hosting.

Please don’t create multiple topics on the same subject. Read KangJL’s post above yours on how to migrate your website.


What will i do now?

Seeing how you purchased hostinger and how did they boasted “they have a professional migration group”, I advice you to just demand them to migrate your website for you.

Alternatively, if you really wanted to migrate on your own, please read what KangJL posted carefully, you just substitute hostinger for infinityfree.


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