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Uploaded an HTML site this morning. It’s not showing up at all despite index.html in lower case being in htdocs.

Thanks for your time.

Could you please remove the domain and add it back again?


I was hoping you weren’t gonna say that, I now have to learn how to do that, I don’t know what that is. So, it may some time before I get back to you.

Where’s the “Knowledge Base”? The “Tutorials” page says to check it, but there is no LINK to it on that page; and none in the control panel:

What about purchasing your own domain and point it to infinityfree or use it instead of that, you can get free domain using

Found this: " Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name to start working everywhere. Why does this happen?" So maybe I have to wait 3 days to see if the web site is going to work or not?

No, not 3 days, sometimes it will only take up to an hour or a day not days.

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Related problem, a quote from Admin

Hi. Well, I have discovered something odd. I have an account whose name is the web address I had wanted; and I apparently have a web address that is not exactly the same as the account name… and something is mixed up somewhere. If I put each address into the location finder, one defaults to the other…
What do you make of this?

the website for x domain is only a label name, meaning that doesn’t change by changing domains.


Something weird appears to have happened to your domain. You can see it in the control panel, but it’s not actually added to the domains database which is used to load websites.

Like @katufo, removing the domain name from your account and then adding it again should fix this.


Hi. Well, I checked today, and seems to be working. My index page is there. It’s broken because I deleted the content files, my FTP mixed it all up, I have to do it again.
Question: is there any way for me to CHANGE to fina-nafi**-org** because that’s really the domain I preferred for the site. If not, I guess I’ll stuck with what I have. Thank you.

You can add additional free subdomains to your hosting account through the Subdomains section, and remove your existing subdomain either through that menu or through the Addon Domains section (if you want). But I would recommend to keep both subdomains for a while, and redirect the old subdomain to the new one to make sure you don’t lose any traffic.


Thanks very much.

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