Site is suspend for 24 hours (due to DDoS attacks)

my site is suspend for 24 hours due to ddos ​​attacks, my real site visitors are waiting for me please open my site, I do not want to miss my visitors, I increased my protection, cloudflare is working with maximum protection, please remove it suspended, I do not want to miss my visitors

Hi there,

No one can reactivate your account, not even infinityfree can do your request, you’ll have to wait 24 hours just like everyone else.

Please check first the knowledge base next time before using the support forum:

Hope this helps!


but ddos


Look, the Admin is certainly not capable of stopping a DDOS attack. Best action Admin can do is to shut down the servers being attacked. And the graph may have legitimate users.


I’m sorry about what happened to your site but unfortunately none of us here can re-activate your account. The only thing you can do right now is to wait until 24 hours is over while the Admin will deal with the DDoS.

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Use cloudflare under atack mode


No matter whether the traffic you’re getting is legitimate or not, your website is getting a lot of traffic which means a lot of server power is needed to handle that traffic. We can’t just reactivate an account which blasted through the limits because there are also legitimate visitors among the attack traffic. We owe it to everyone else to shut down the attacked website to prevent damage to other websites on the same servers.


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