Site is slow

Hey guys why my website it’s too slow?

You may consider reading these articles:

  • I know it is about PageSpeed and Gtmetrix, but if you will follow the steps stated in that articles (just like me), your website will be fast.

Sorry but InfinityFree hosting is limited in site loading, among other things.
If you want more, consider moving to, it’s faster, more secure, and offers features that InfinityFree doesn’t offer, for example:
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You know your here to help right, It is often an issue with Wordpress, I once run my own clustered few servers, and even though i had full Admin, it is still sometimes whats on the sites that can slow it down as i have seen first hand, I recommend the articles than @JavesPotato has shown, as they are helpful to speed up Pages, it may be limited, but not in a speed kind of way, more when you access as it may be busy at a time, hence why they use clustered servers to spread the load.


3 best way to improve page speed are caching, minifying and lazy loads.


If you are using wordpress then there are many plugins available for caching and minification stuff.
I would recommend using wp rocket or fastest cache plugins
Minify CSS, HTML and JS using them and use lazy loading and caching is already enabled with those plugins i think.
Use image optimizer plugins like imagify. (They also support the use of webp images for supported browsers and png for non-supported browsers) to improve your site speed.
Also consider attaching your site with cloudflare and use caching from cloudflare too.


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