Site is not loading is not loading properly also having issues with accessing file manager. Can you have a check if the server is down or any service has been stopped. If it is load from my website please kill and restart the service. Thanks.

Your site is working just like a charm! Try clearing your cache.

For me, the site is loading, Please check internet connection, cause my site is also not loading because of slow net connection. And also check if you have valid HTTPS certificate to be sure that it’s not a SSL Certificate Problem. But I also dont think so It will be the problem of SSL cause it is showing padlock correctly. And also check if the nameservers are configured correctly because I saw that you have cloudflare’s SSL Certificate Installed. Also please check mine if it is loading :

Your site works fine too! Its your internet connectivity.

Thanks very much. Is it showing like Hello World?


Thanks everyone for your response.

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