Site Is down

**My website URL

**What I’m seeing

The site is down, i cant get the reason

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

For me it works. What error do you get while visiting your site?


This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.



Use VPN or another browser, It looks it’s a problem between your ISP and your site.


yes, after i used vpn it’s working
how to know where is the problem exactly, why ip is blocked, is it the newtwork firewall

If you live in China, then it is subject to censorship. Otherwise, check that if you have a proxy, it is not blocking it.

Just clear cookies and chache of the browser and try again :smiley:

It says the connection was closed. Is that really a result of cookies or cache?

Yes it can be I got the same error when it was in the time

No that cannot be. The reason of closing connection is Firewall or bad proxy connection. Cache and cookie (and DNS caching) create different errors. Unless some weird things close connection other than firewall.

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just give a try it does not hurt

I misworded my question, sorry.

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