Site is down

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I’m seeing this page instead of my pages:

I’m using this software:
Firefox/Opera/Microsoft Edge

Additional information:
All the pages are there but is is redirected somehow.

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The page and domain was up for some days now, all the sudden all I see is that page, even refreshing with CTRL+F5.

Answer is visible (DNS propagation)

please have some more patience (that your ISP gets new DNS data)
or if you want and you have enough knowledge

These are the DNS server I’m using, Primary and Secundary, I don’t use my ISP DNS servers, they are to slow.


This is the DNS Bechmark from my network:

I’ve contacted that DNS Propagation Checker owner, the DNS server for Brazil (Global Village Telecom) doesn’t exist since 2014.

Site still down.

It seems that something is going with the nameservers causing domains to be down or redirect to ads pages. I’ve written an announcement topic with more information about the issue. Please keep an eye on that topic for updates.

For me it’s now working and showing some pages of the MAME documentary in Portuguese. For and you, this may be what @Admin said, or a phenomenon called “DNS Propagation”. Please use or Quad9 as DNS if you have problems accessing your website.

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