Site is down permanently since July

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: site is down permanently, for no reason, after no change to anything

I’m using this software: No software

Additional information: I am not a professional in website building or coding. I have a static website consisting of a couple of html files, css files and js files. It has 0 visitors on average, there are no functions more than just reading text on it and browsing between 5 pages. Site is down. I don’t know how to get it up and running. Don’t know where to begin looking to solve it. When I go to the main domain “epizy” type site, it says suspended.

Try to change the nameservers to and from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel, and wait for at least 24 hours for the changes to propagate.
And, for Main Domains, these are only identifiers, and don’t show any content of your website. Instead, they redirect to So they can only be used to use our hosting service with other nameservers with DNS management applied (like Cloudflare or AWS Route 53).

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You think I should change nameservers at godaddy to etc even though it says on infinityfree cpanel that I should use etc which they are directed to already? the converts to on some domain providers.

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Correction: on some TLDs managed by VeriSign, not on some domain providers.

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Alright thank you both. I have changed it from to etc.
I will report back in some day :slight_smile:

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I see it still has an error and did you enter the DNS correctly? If yes, please wait 24-48 hours at the most or contact your website service provider to determine whether this DNS service is permitted or not because some service providers block external DNS from buying one service

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