Site inaccessible/host name resolving to wrong IP address when hosted on epizy

Username epiz_25518692

Error Message

None; Site is inaccessible via curl (host can’t be found) , for example, and the sample code below returns wrong IP address returned by gethostbyname (PHP). Works fine when hosted elsewhere.

Other Information

The following sample code works fine when run in my development environment (when not hosted on epizy) but gives the wrong IP address when run on epizy.

What’s wrong?

<?php echo gethostbyname(""); echo "
"; echo "should be"; ?>

Hello there,

It seems like the current migration to the new servers with better hardware affected your site IP. This might be fixed until the migration process is finished. You may patiently wait…

Please refer to this latest announcement if you haven’t already:

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Doesn’t seem likely to be the issue. The site “” is an EXTERNAL site that can’t be reached by my PHO script. Other sites the other of my PHP scripts access, work fine.

Is this migration affecting DNS?


While I’m not sure it’s quite possible that the external site ( that you want to access with your PHO script blocks it. Since if it’s working fine with other sites then that means it’s a problem with that site you want to access and not your script, they probably blocked your script or intervened it from accessing their site for as far as what I could conclude.

Yes that would be correct.

No, this migration has nothing to do with resolving DNS to the outside world. The affected accounts and symptoms are clearly described in the topic. If you’re not on one of the affected IPs and the issue is not in the known symptoms, it’s probably not related.

In this case, it does seem to be some kind of issue with the DNS resolving on the free hosting servers. I don’t know the details, so I’ve asked iFastNet for more information.

UPDATE: It should be fixed now.


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