Site not getting loaded

Username epiz_26119639 or Website URL

Error Message

Hmmm… can’t reach this page took too long to respond

  • Search the web for [mjpborivali epizy]

Other Information

I had tried using VPN also and in cPanel also my site had utilized 1% only
For now, the site is not loading may know the reason for the same.

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Give the screen shot of directory
And also tell that how old is your account

Please be ensure that that is not the “Main Domain”.

I assume it can be an issue with FTP?

so what should i do now

just wait.

How much time it will take to resolve?

Is it a new account

Ya 6 days old account
but it was working in these days properly
today also it was working
around 5 pm today this error message is there on site

Than surely its server problem let them fix

The admin has said that it will take a few hours. Read here:


Seems like I could now reach your site, not just like earlier. Try clearing your caches and visit your link again.

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