Site has HTTP 500 error

My website is
When I try to sign up/login, I get an HTTP 500 error.
My oauth.php, where the form submission goes to, tries to connect to a DB outside of infinityfree’s DBs they provide. If this is the problem, I’ll just use their DBs but if it wasn’t and help?

Please read


It should not have crashed. I tested it out, exact same code, on another site and it worked. Thanks for your help though.

Indeed it shouldn’t have, but it did, so something is wrong.

The exact issue could be anything. Maybe there is a difference between that other host and our service that breaks your website. Perhaps there is a slight difference in the code between both versions that causes it to break. Or maybe it’s just a configuration issue.

But if you want it to not break, then just saying it shouldn’t break isn’t going to help a lot. So please try to figure out what’s actually causing the crash, and see if perhaps any changes are needed to make your site work on our hosting.

And the article @KangJL shared above is a good place to start.


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