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Elisha Carson


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The individual above gained access to my site and changed my agent ID to the one listed above (102310628) I am not sure how she gained access but I’d like it stopped. I have reported her to the corporate company. I have not even launched the site officially so I don’t even know how she got to know about it. Any one with a security solution?

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well. it’s bad that your account is hacked :pleading_face:

however. you should change your password? at 90% of time She’s noticed your password. No body can’t hack your account with SQL Injection because it’s prepared.

make sure to don’t use the password which you’ve used it in years. you should change it every 6 months or a year.

AND… make sure to scan your device. bc it’s possible there be a key logger virus which has sent your input data like password to her :confused:

it’s weird but possible

Edit: the reason I’m telling the second solution because i was got it on my old computer and it hacked my father’s paypal account and also spend lot of money. Totally be careful.


Thanks BayoDino will make sure i follow your advice…glad i caught it on time. Traced her though and i am going to send HELL her way…


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