Site GONE/Vanished/Disappeared from Account!

My website URL is:

Where the heck is it?

I just logged into my account. Selected “Reactive” and “Nothing Found” error/page was the display.
Back to my account, and THAT account was gone!

What the heck happened? Where is my Website???


perhaps you forgot to visit this forum frequently. (my opinion.)

Not this, but after exactly 60 / 90 days the account may be deleted automatically, and you need to create another one with the same name again!

Do you happen to still know the username of this account (or any emails referring to it)? Domain names can be easily moved, so having a username means I can look up the status of that specific account.

Judging by the description, I’d guess that the account was already queued for deletion when you hit the reactivate button. But I don’t see any logs of deleted accounts on your profile.

@jigz_garcia Nobody is forced to visit the forum to keep their accounts. People are welcome here if they want to join, but it’s definitely not a requirement to use or keep using a hosting account.


oh okay… thanks for the info.

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