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Benim 1 tane google sitem var. ait ben bu sitemdeki dosyaları falan nasıl sitesine atarım DESTEĞINIZI bekliyorum

Could you provide your post in English?

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Let me clarify. You’ve a site hosted on Google and you want to move its content to ?

You might download your files from Google site then upload them to your current site with either file manager or fileZilla.

Also please speak in English next time!

NOTE: Google Sites doesn’t support downloading your sites and transfer it to other hosting providers. In case you could use a website crawler to crawl the files for your website without downloading them from Google Sites, and then upload all crawled files to the htdocs folder, but it’s better to let Google host for you your Google site by leaving the CNAME record for your subdomain pointed as (in case it is www it’s also preferrable to put an A record for @ that points to WWWIzer’s IP, so that there will also be a redirect to www) and the CNAME/TXT record required for Search Console verification.

Friends emergency aid I have 1 google site. I belong to, how can I upload the files on this site or I am waiting for your support sitemi googlenin özel site olan yerine yazdım ama hala www.attacktrabzobspor
.cf sayfamda hiç bir şey gözükmüyor. Yardımcı olabilirmisin

How can I download the files on my Google Site and upload them to my page. So how do I download it. Can you help?

Please speak in English! Here is the translation, knowing that it’s not perfect because of Google Translate:

For me it shows the default InfinityFree page. Try to clear your browser cache and DNS cache. Also, if your DNS is still pointing to Google Sites and you parked the domain successfully on your Google Sites, then it will take some time to issue a SSL certificate for your domain. It’s even better to let us know which error are you experiencing while opening your website, but knowing that you made a typo on the untranslated message, I corrected it for you.

I recently wrote that in reply to Bayo: how can I throw this page to

Use a website crawler like HTTrack Website Copier to crawl all your website’s pages, then upload the crawled files after sorting them in separate folders to your htdocs folder with either a FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP, or the Online File Manager. I’m also sick of repeating the same message three times, so I varied it a little bit. Also, you could even let Google host your Google site for you while still maintaining the domain name, by letting Google know you’re in ownership of that domain by adding it to Search Console, and then adding it as custom site URL and pointing the CNAME record for the subdomain / www domain to, so that you save time crawling the files from your Google site URL and then uploading them to the document root of another hosting like this or different.


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