Site down

I`ve problem with site

Over 5 minutes its down. Work 2-3 minuts and again its down.

It`s a temporary global problem, or something is bad with my account?

The IP your website is on is currently offline due to load balancing (or DDoS) issues. So you should wait until it stabilizes itself.

hey i encountered this problem too on one of my account that hosted ini hosting volume 6_5,

in which hosting volume your account is?

I also have problems accessing my website. You are not the only one facing this problem.

Where i can check that?

You can find it on “Account Details” that can be found on your Control Panel

But what do you mean? PHP version or what? I can’t find anything else

Look at “Account Details” label on the right side bar if you’re on desktop view

Oh sorry. I’ve 5_5

Hosting Volume vol5_5

So what now can I do?

There seems to be some server difficulties, don‘t know more about it though.

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