Site down error: your connection is not private

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site down error: your connection is not private

my site does not work and says the following error: your connection is not private.
when I go to check the details it says that it is possible attack or revoked SSL certificate, I actually revoked it, but I activated another certificate, how can I put my site up again without visitors having this error?

When I try to open your website, it says SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE, which means the certificate being presented by your site is revoked.

The solution here is to get a new certificate (which is issued and not revoked) and replace the current certificate with the new one.

That should be as simple as hitting the big Install button from the new certificate and then waiting 15 minutes for it to become active.


hello, I have already created another one as you can see in the attached image.
What can you do to delete this revoked certificate? What’s left is to wait? Or will I have to create another one? Could you check?

Have you installed the active one?


Your website shows fine with a valid certificate without any issues from me, so that’s likely browser/DNS cache. Clear them and try again, or use a VPN.


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