Site dosent play music or plays it very late after site has loaded

the site is
the music dosent load and sometimes the buttons on the site just dont work on some browsers
ive tried everything to fix and i had to change alot of stuff for it to even play the music :confused:
it works fine locally on my computer just not when hosted

Can you share a screenshot of what it is supposed to look like? It looks fine to me.

Also, note that you may be violating the TOS.


The site itself works fine but the music on the site dosent load or takes some time to load and i cant upload a video for the backround of the site

Depending on how large your audio files are, they can take some time to download and play. Also, some browsers automatically block any video or audio that tries to play on page-load, as it is a known fact that it annoys people.

As for a background video, can you share the code that you are using?


            app.audioElement = audio;
            app.audioElement.volume = 0;

    <video id="background" loop="">
        <source src="assets/others/vid.mp4" type="video/mp4">
            var video = document.getElementById("background");

            app.videoElement = video;
            app.videoElement.volume = 0;

Also im not breaking TOS in any way. IP’s are not logged nor used to harrass or threaten anyone

The video tag should have a closing tag

For the TOS, you site links to sites used to hack/cheat. It also says this:

['Best cheats on the market!', 'Use our cheats at your own risk!', '', 'Release 2021'];
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It might be againsed the TOS but i dont see anything in the TOS about the tags. If possilbe could you tell me what part of the TOS says this?

The HTML video tag is not part of the TOS, that is part of the HTML standard. See the link I posted above.

I’m referring to “Also, note that you may be violating the TOS.”

Section 10 (Emphasis is mine)

    Scripts on the site must be designed to produce web-based content, and not to use the server as an application server. Using the server to generate large volumes of email from a database is an example of activity that is not allowed. Scripts should not attempt to manipulate the timeouts on servers. These are set at the present values to ensure the reliability of the server. Sites that reset these do so because they are resource intensive, and adversely affect server performance and are therefore not allowed. Scripts that are designed to provide proxy services, anonymous or otherwise, are not allowed.

The primary purpose of any script must be to produce a web page. Scripts that send a single email based upon user entered information, or update a database are acceptable. Scripts that send bulk email or perform processor intensive database processes are not allowed. All outgoing mail is monitored and filtered and must be sent to or from a InfinityFree-hosted domain.

Sites must not contain scripts that attempt to access privileged server resources, or other sites on the same server

Examples of not allowed script and website types include (but are not limited to):

Pornographic/adult content
Proxy scripts
Chat scripts
Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet sites
File sharing / file storage scripts
Autolike scripts
Hacking scripts / PHP shell scripts
Mass mail scripts
Website scraping/crawling/downloading scripts
Cracked/pirated content of any kind

I use the word “May” because although that content does not seem to be on your site, your site is still affiliated with it.


It dosn’t use hacking scripts or cracked or pirated content. Even so im just the one making the website not the one selling the products i have no control over it.

Well, be prepared to get banned if you do not obey the rules.
Don’t say we never remind you…
This is a good reminder


My webpage also has a music background, will it violate the rules?

In fact, your website content seems to be violating TOS

This website really records my IP address and also locates my country

I’m sharing cybersecurity

We don’t have any restriction on playing video and audio in browsers.

However, one thing did catch my attention:

app.videoElement.volume = 0;

I’m not an expert, but doesn’t volume = 0 mean the video would be playing, but completely silent?

Also, some browsers block auto-play media by default, because opening a page and immediately hear audio is generally considered obnoxious. That could also prevent your background music from working.

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Be intimidated by the music


This file you have - I guess it’s actually mp3 not mp4

there is no data on video resolution, etc.

And since it is not a video file (so there is an unnecessary section where you have a video tag )
so you should change the extension on the file to mp3 as well as code
and it’s best to use a standard encoder to convert something to mp3 (audio converter) so the needed codec to play it has most browsers in it (compatibility).

You load the same file twice (double the time to wait)

And each URL ( src) should have no space in the name
or you need to use %20
because otherwise, it contains illegal characters.

For media files - the server uses bandwidth throttling (so such extensions are slower to download)

It is best for you to use Youtube embed video as a background


i wondered why i couldnt hear anything but then realised my headphones were at the side of my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

seems to work ok