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I changed my hosting site of to infinityfree. i am unabe to open my site in all device of same or different network. it redirects to older hosted panel but in my mobile it open properly. i searched for infinityfree community discussion it takes 3 days to resolve dns caching but Its been more than 6 days i created account, Is there any issue in my account setting?

Username: epiz_26715446


Uhm,Try clearing your cache.(ctrl+f5)

I appreciate this.

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Yep, still old NS ( DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
Maybe you can try this:


Did you try plugging the domain in our Domain Checker? It can help identify common configuration errors. Might help save you some time if that tool points out a configuration problem, so you don’t have to wait for new data which is never provided.


screenshot of domain checker

screenshot of domain panel.

What should i do to correct it?


You still have to be removed as said by @adisp007 and @Admin

If you have corrected the data with your domain provider
then it’s probably their system that got stuck and didn’t push the new settings

test is here (do at least “one refresh” in the test page just in case)


You need to contact the domain provider because with several different DNS tools I get different results

and there is always some mix of our and unnecessary NS

you also have a redirect loop because you redirected from naked to the www variant
but your www variant leads to some CP ???


earlier i hosted from raspberry pi made hosting provider that used z panel as control panel. i again tried to change secondary nameserver. after that sometime it shows correct and after a while again redirect to by using domain checker. may be its domain provider issue.

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problem solved by domain provider. thank you all for the help. got to know something knew. love from Nepal.


thanks for the feedback
and good luck in further work


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