Site does not resolve to an IP address

Website URL:
Error Message:

SSL Checker reports it does not resolve to an IP address. Please make sure your DNS records are set up correctly.

Other Information:
Name servers have been set to ns1 & for over a week and the domain checker tool reports the domain is assigned to one of your hosting accounts and is ready to host your website. Tried “Install SSL Certificate Automatically” from Let’s Encrypt provider, but the status never changed from “No SSL Certificate was found” that was attempted to be installed over a week ago and Google Trust that was attempted yesterday with the same results.

Your domain doesn’t appear to be pointing anywhere, like your SSL Checker is also saying. And if the domain doesn’t actually point anywhere, then the website isn’t going to work. Installing an SSL certificate on a hosting server isn’t going to do anything if your domain isn’t pointing to that server.

It seems like something went wrong on our end and caused your DNS records to get deleted. It is weird, because your account is not new.

To fix this yourself, you can simply remove the domain from the account (through the Addon Domains) and add it back again. This should automatically recreate your DNS records to make your site work.

There are two important things to note though:

  • As with all DNS changes, it can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere.
  • Your domain name will most likely be assigned to a different directory (from the default htdocs folder to the directory You will need to move your website files from the old location to the new one by moving (not copying!) it with the file manager or through FTP.

It is working now thank you for the detailed instructions.


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