site does not appear!

Hello, My site does not appear, that is, I changed the dns to those that are indicated in the site, I installed the wp with the backup files that I had and the site does not appear. The message is as follows:
"Unable to access this site The IP address of the server could not be found.
Search for pedrosantospro on Google
I already cleared the cash and nothing. I uninstalled and installed the wp with the hosting installer and nothing. Someone can help me I have no idea what to do. I have already made the connections with database as well and give the same error.
Only completing deletes my hosting and re-built a new one and nothing. Need help.
Thank you.

Seems to be working on my side! Try refreshing your chache/site data again. It says My Blog when I go on.

Working fine on my end, wait a while until DNS propagation comes to you

Thank you, I’ll do