Site displaying Error 524

hello Admin,
Please my site is displaying “Error 524” . I can’t even access my worpress login page up till this very moment. Please help me solve the problem.



It doesn’t work because it doesn’t have the correct DNS records. You can try to correct these DNS records yourself through Cloudflare’s panel or you can change your domain’s nameservers back to our nameservers

I see some unusual data in the response which isn’t normally sent by our systems or by WordPress.

Start by disabling Cloudflare. Cloudflare can be useful if everything is working well, but is another moving part which can cause trouble if there is a configuration issue. Disabling it rules out a number of possibilities for issues.

The DNS records look fine from here, but I see a redirection error now. Did you configure any HTTPS redirect? If so, how, and with what code?

Thanks for your reply,
I apply for HTTPS using CLOUDFLARE and I used the following DNS

Please can you help me solve it from your side

I can’t even access the softaculous page not to talk of creating a support ticket it’s always says my IP address changed

I checked your website’s .htaccess file and found this line:

redirectMatch 301 ^(.*)$

What this will do is try to redirect everything to Including everything going to Which, of course, causes a redirect loop.

You can probably just remove this line and it should work.

Thanks for your reply,
Please can you help me do that from your side because I don’t have much idea about it and I don’t want to damage anything again. Please kindly help me out.

Thanks in anticipation

OK. I will work on it

@Admin @Oxy urgent reply
after removing the redirect to HTTPS when I checked it it shows

This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy

What can I do to solve this.

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That sounds like the IP address Cloudflare is configured to fetch your website from is not correct. There should be one A record for with an IP address starting with 185.27. (or one CNAME record) in Cloudflare (not including subdomains). If the IP address is anything else, it’s not pointing to your hosting account with us.

If so, you can use this guide to figure out your IP address, or temporarily switch your domain name back to our nameservers so Cloudflare can scan the records of our nameservers.