Site disapeered

site was showing ok but now shows a blank page in firefox and a weird 403 error in chrome

still has access via ftp, any ideas how do fix it ? thanks

403 error means that you have configured your site to prohibit access, if you have directory protected the files you need for displaying, it won’t work. Check .htaccess as well as Directory Protect at VPanel. Both give a 403.
This may also answer the question as well.


Directory Protect says ‘ currently has no protected folders configured.’

Also for .htaccess, I don’t have that file in my htdocs. Neither have I changed anything in the last few weeks. It just stopped working.

Did you edit anything at Directory Privacy inside the CPanel?

Looks like there’s currently an issue which causes 403, please be patient.


i have a standard .htaccess file and ive even tried deleting it

havent changed anything in cpanel for security

i have no idea why its just done this

hmm I just checked again after posting and its working

very odd, some temporary fault ?

Yes, that seems to be it. I don’t know what yet, I’m going to try to find out and put it in an announcement.


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