Site did not sent any data


My site is displaying an error

I solved it a day back by deactivating and reactivating but now even that won’t solve.
I deleted wordpress from softaculous and reinstalled still same error.

Please help

Hi and welcome to the forum

Your website is working fine on my device… Can you try use incognito/private mode ?


no luck!

I even changed the browser and I also checked on Mobile.
Maybe it is a problem related to IP.

Hmm, does it work while using VPN? If yes then probably your ISP is blocking your site.


Opps thats what it is.
Is my ISP blocking or Infinityfree blocked me.
Bcz my ISP does not block that often

Infinityfree never blocks IPs from their end, Your ISP is blocking them or probably it’s temporary.

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I hope so
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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