Site can't be reached


Error Message

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


Other Information

I’m unable to run my site for about 24 hours .

When I tried to reach it just now, I saw this error message.

Your server is running PHP version 5.4.45 but WordPress 5.4.2 requires at least 5.6.20.

Thanks, But I have already changed it to 5.6


Can you try changing your PHP version to newer version and see if it works?

Are you still facing the problem? Cause it’s working fine here at my end. Clear your browser caches too.

No it’s not working.
Thank you

I have cleared my browser’s caches , still it shows the same message.
And the theme is not the same in the screen shot .

This is not a website issue (like browser cache, PHP versions, etc.) but a domain/DNS issue. Specifically, this error means that you computer is unable to find which server to contact to load the website. So any PHP configuration, theme configuration, caching or whatever is irrelevant.

As to why you get this error, I don’t know. Your website is working fine for me here, and seems to be running for everyone else too.

So could you please try to open your website on another device or network? It’s possible that either a problem or explicit block on your network may prevent you from accessing your website.


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