Site cant be found

Hi Im Sandharu,

I have updated my sites SSL and it’s not working now.

“DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” This is the error that it gives me. I didnt change anything in my domain, all have been done with free SSL in infinity. Before that it worked fine now it’s not. and one of the comunity post said remove the domain from adon and re-add it again and then it will be fine. but when i did that it has created another folder in htdocs under the name of my domain as an subdomain does.

Now i dont have any access to my website. How to fix?

Well, you can move the content using filezilla (ftp)

But still i cant access the site with the domain

Even before i removed the domain site didnt work. this is the site that im working on

This is what I see.


You may get ban

Please point out which rule or law there is that bans bad language on a website.

I mean the nature of domain names, which seems to suggest illegal movies and music sharing



Let’s hope that’s not the case

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you assume that with the name of the of the domain? it’s a News Site. Can you see it in the Name ? How are you even being a good community person ?

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