Site cannot still be reached after 72 hours

Hello, i am Akeib ! Some time before my shows me up!! But Now its saying ‘404 not found we couldn’t find the page’ Please resolve this problem. my website is Please check!!!

FYI, I moved your post to a new topic. Next time, please create a new topic if you have a question unless you are 100% sure that your issue is the EXACT same as the one described the topic. It doesn’t help anyone when answers from the original question and your question get mixed together.

As for your issue, the “404! We couldn’t find that page.” error typically indicates that the main folder of your website could not be found. I checked your account to see if that was the case and saw that all files and directories on your account are gone.

To fix this, you will need to create a new folder with the name htdocs and upload your website files to it.

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