Site Can’t Be Reached

Hi, my website is: ( epiz_33296014)

i have since been unable to access the site. i am new to web development and don’t know what is going on.

it keeps showing this error message. i confirm that my DNS servers are pointing to the site infinity free. all of them i mean.

the site had been working perfectly days ago. i don’t know what to do. here is a screenshot of my error message.

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Welcome to the forums!

I get an error that says “Connection refused”.

Are you using Cloudflare?

It seems like something is misconfigured somewhere. Possibly your DNS entries or control panel settings? Try getting it to work on http:// first with no Cloudflare or SSL. Then, after you confirm that DNS has propagated, and the site works, then try adding in your other stuff.

hello. the site still doesn’t work on http.

i don’t use cloud fare.

i used “Let’s Encrypt.”

i used the auto install feature. it had been working perfectly for weeks until i checked it today and it’s down.

i know nothing about DNS servers. as a matter of fact, i don’t know what to do right now. i am seated behind my computer screen hoping that a miracle happens.

what do i do?

is there a chance you can help?

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So, you didn’t change any settings on your end? Did not add anything new? Or change your code?

It is possible that this could be a server issue with the host. What is your username?

(Example: epiz_32766483)

No. I didn’t. My username is: epizy_ 33296014

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There appears to be something weird going on here.

When I query the nameservers for an IP address, I get, which appears to be a free hosting IP, but it’s throwing an error I have never seen before.

Running a WHOIS lookup for the domain, I see the correct nameservers, and that it was not updated recently, but your registrar seems to not be returning the correct nameservers when a request it made.

The first half is probably an issue with the hosting service, and Admin will have to take a look at that. The second half may be a problem with your registrar, or just a weird side-effect from the first issue.


You will have to wait for Admin for additional help with this, but hopefully I missed something that would make this an easy fix.


I checked your site and it’s working fine from here. I don’t see any obvious issues with your DNS issues or the server of your website.

Can you please verify that it’s not a problem on your end? Could you try to setup a VPN and open your website through the VPN?


working for me using firefox with and without vpn
/wp_admin gives 404 error
/wp-admin loads the admin login page


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