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Your Website Builder is not working.

Neither does our topic template, it seems. Can you please describe where you’re using the builder, and what exactly you see?

Sure image
When you click site builder. That is what you guys use.


As you can see. Instead of using cPanel Default Website builder. You use a 3rd party builder. Adding watermarks and sucks.

First things first, the site builder in the control panel was disabled awhile ago; a nessacary action considering how broken it truly was. Also, InfinityFree uses VistaPanel, not cPanel. So using cPanel’s site builder is impossible. That being said, there are other site builders you can use such as Google Web Designer, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, or Selix. As well as several others which are both free, and don’t rely on any host having to manage them. I’d recommend checking them out, if a drag-and-drop site builder is what you want to use.

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Thank you! So much for your help. I will figure out which is the best choice!
But they do use cPanel. VistaPanel is cPanel. When you go on Vista Panel. Look at the Icon on the tab. And then the name. They use cPanel.


VistaPanel is designed to look, feel, and work like cPanel. It was created by iFastNet (which powers InfinityFree) so users of the free hosts could use an interface they were familiar with, without having to pay the expenses of cPanel licensing. However, it lacks some features that only come with the real cPanel, such as the file manager, or the website builder.

Indeed. Thanks! Is there any other website builder that allows you to do it online and connect with the Infinityfree domain?

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