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My website is:

My site vanishes and reappears after a short time. It might be gone or visible if you visit it. I’m not sure why but whenever I log into my hositng account, the site can become visible again, but is gone by the next day with a page error saying cannot connect to site. I have bought a domain from namesilo and pointed the name servers correctly. I added an SSL certificate and also added the line about https to the .htaccess file. I copied the certificate and key over to the individual account where the domain name has been added and the lock appears whenever the page appears, but the only real error I’m seeing is: in SSL is unable to connect to the domain name. However, under SSL tab is able to connect. I’m not sure how to make a SSL, because your site appears only to deal with the basic domain name for SSL.

Your domain still points to, and Please remove those nameservers from your domain management panel on NameSilo and wait a while for the changes to propagate.


I see. I actually did have the infinityfree name servers on there, but I didnt delete the old dnsowl ones, because namesilo kept popping up warnings telling me they couldnt manage my domain name without them, so I readded dnsowl’s. They shouldnt popup so many warnings about that at namesilo.

I don’t know why namesilo throws that kind of warning. You can change the name server from your domain registrar default to any other name servers (CloudFlare or InfinityFree, for example) just fine.

For now, please add and use only InfinityFree name server. Then let’s see what will happen next.

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it’s a silly warning, same with my registar ‘Do not edit these unless you know what your doing’, just incase someone gets told to enter some weird nameserver or don’t know what they are doing

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Well, the site was up, then later I couldnt get to it. Now it’s back up again. This is basically the pattern I was seeing. Maybe it will stay up solidly. But in the morning if I check it and it’s down, I will think something weird is going on with infinityfree.

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Your site is working from my end.


Your domain is using our nameservers right now, and only our nameservers, which is good. But please keep in mind that due to caching it can take up to 72 hours for the errors to disappear entirely.

I can kind of understand why they do it. Although they are not exactly helping in this case.

We also get many people here who for example want to setup custom CNAME records or set MX records and don’t know where to add it. They add it to their registrar’s nameservers while using our nameservers. Or add it to our nameservers while using Cloudflare.

It’s not all that complicated. You pick one DNS provider for your domain name. You set their nameservers and only their nameservers on your domain. And you manage your DNS records through the systems of the DNS provider.

It’s true that the DNS record management at NameSilo no longer works if you use our nameservers. But for most people, that’s perfectly fine.

But as a rule of thumb: never mix multiple sets of nameservers. Pick one provider and only use the nameservers they tell you to use. Combining nameservers from different sets or different providers will lead to weird errors like this.


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