Simple website builder CMS

Where is a simple CMS installable by softacolocolus drag and drop for build sites?

Why don’t you search softaculous to see what you find? We are not here to tell you everything and anything, some things you need to figure out on your own.

I dont have find what i need

I also doubt you will find a good drag-and-drop builder for free. The only one I know of is Wix. You can try googling for an “Open Sorce drag and drop website builder” though

My opinion:

WordPress + PageLayer. You got a great site builder and also a CMS. Just choose a theme in Softaculous and PageLayer is automatically installed.

Or you can use KoPage, the free version has branding so you’ll have to get premium if you don’t want it. If you use it, make sure to go to your site settings and set a username and password, or you won’t be able to access your account and edit your site.

Use the download button. The install over FTP option doesn’t work on free hosting

Wix is… horrible. There are so many limitations. You can’t export or even embed content elsewhere. And it’s not self hosted or open source.

It’s also definitely not free, actually it’s quite costly for what you get.

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Very true, and I 100% agree. However, one one key thing that was asked for was simplicity (I have to give Wix that). I have a free Wix site (Created 3.5 years ago, before I knew what HTML was), that works quite well (I did have to create a brand new email because of the stupid way they generate free domains).

Do they allow other sites to iFrame them? You also forgot one thing, a Wix site is slow.

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Last I checked, no, but things may have changed. They still don’t allow you yo export your content, though.

True, and there aren’t really any “plugins” on Wix that could help with that.

100% agree! Your whole account gets 1 subdomain and each new site is just a directory. So You can’t add or even park a domain, unless you pay over twice the price of iFastNets premium.

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So “friend” if I created a post where I ask something you think I didn’t google before?
Well yes, before creating posts I try and if I don’t find anything I ask my question in the forums

If you don’t want to help me, just don’t reply to my posts with useless replies

I have a .com domain hosted on InfinityFree

Of course Wix will never use it, I tink it is horrible

Please stop answering things that have nothing to do with my question

Now, I re-ask here my question (Hoping someone will respond with a helpful answer): Is there an open source CMS (not external software) (like WordPress or Joomla) that has a native website building drag and drop function?

I have found one

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