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My web site( had continued to run successfully so far. But Recently it is showing a white page and I do not know the reseason for that. However, I guess, I wanted to add an SSL certificate then set up the configuration in the domain server(GoDaddy). Surprisingly Now I removed nameservers from the domain name server, But still, showed the strange white page. Where is this page come from? When I view the HTML source code, it is clear that the white page is not exist hosted in my file server.
I am fed up to fix this issue in the last few hours. Please, anyone, know the reason for this issue, and to solve this?

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Your domain is not pointing to our nameservers. Please change them to and and wait 24 hours for the changes to propagate.


Thank you for your comment, sir. I removed the nameserver addresses to verify the issue. Ok, I will add it again.

I added the name servers But the issue has not fixed yet sir.

Your nameservers are still and if you’ve updated to our nameservers, it’ll take upto 24 hours to work.


@anon19508339 is correct in that your domain name is currently using Go Daddy’s nameservers, not ours. But that’s also what I saw yesterday, so I think you didn’t set the nameservers correctly with Go Daddy.

If you’re not sure if you set them correctly, please ask your domain provider to verify too.

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@ BayoDino @Admin Thanks and I appreciate your help, sir.

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