Should the daily CPU limit reset every month?

Hi, i have a question about daily cpu limit. Now we are on the 1st of April and my graph of daily cpu usage continues to show the data for the month of March. This is normal?

I’m afraid the system will think the chart data is current. For example: on March 20, I consumed about 50% of the daily cpu, on April 20, will the system start counting from 50%?

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Like the name suggests, the daily CPU limit resets every day. The graph in the control panel shows the data from the last 30 days.

The legend on the graphs is a bit confusing, I know. The X-axis is the day of the month. Today, the data on value 1 on the X-axis is the data from March 1. Tomorrow, it will show the data from April 1, and point 2 will show the data from March 2.

And to be clear: the current data will be overwritten with the data of the new month. It won’t be carried over.

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I understood. Thank you so much.

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