Should i remove infinity free nameservers when adding cloudflare?

I am currently trying to register on cloudflare and they requested that i remove the and the nameservers and replace them with the cloudflare nameservers. what do i do?

Just do it.
This shd help…


Ok i will read that real quick! and also if i were to redirect the name servers the website would go offline right?

can you please explain this?

like would the site still be hosted on infinity free?

If you’ve changed your nameservers to the cloudflares ones, if you’ve configured your records correctly yes it should work.

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Ok! i just did that a few seconds ago, it says on cloudflare that the website is protected. does it take a few minutes for the website to update? becuase my website right now says error 1016 so i want to know if that will just fix itself


  1. Create a cname record named @ with value your main domain (can be found at vpanel);
  2. Then create another cname record named www with value @

hope this helps.

like this?

I said the main domain (not your domain), Main domain looks like (with random characters at first)


ohhhhhhhh okay! let me go take a look. i thought main domain meant my domain lol

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like this?

Excellent, Yes.

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Ok! thats all that there is to it right? now i can just fiddle around with the settings and stuff right?

Yes, but you don’t have to do anything now. (your website works now)

Alright thanks! i hope you have a great rest of your day bro :D̖


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I’m happy my guide is finally useful!


Yup, very useful for noobs to refer to. Keep it up!

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