Shopping Cart?

Hello everyone!

Just wondering if anyone knows of a program/service (or an idea of how to code) that does the following.

  • “Add to Cart” Buttons
  • “View Cart” Buttons
  • Custom on site checkout experience (No pop-ups, new tabs. ect.)
  • Add to cart buttons are added ANYWHARE on the site with an HTML block
  • View Cart buttons can also be added anywhere with HTML
  • A “View Cart Page”
  • Simple to install on an existing website with products pages.

So PayPal, but with an onsite shopping cart and checkout. (I saw something in the PayPal docs that meets the above, but the instructions are so vague (Or I just don’t understand them), and I cannot find anything on YouTube (Kind of a surprise that YouTube is missing something)

Basically SnipCart (It is what I am looking for, and I don’t mind the 2% charge, but its the

*For clients with monthly sales under $500, the 2% will be replaced by a $10 monthly fee.

text that I don’t like (Not willing to spend that much!).

Thanks for anything you can suggest!

You could use Shopify, or just create one yourself

Have you tried looking on Softaculous?

Pricing is way too much for me, unless there is a cheaper version somewhere.

Would love to, but I’m stuck on how to do payment so the visitor does not leave my domain

Yes, but everything there is a fully fledged e-commerce site. I already have a site, I just want to all commerce (buttons and payment)


Use PayPal API

I just don’t understand it, or how to set it up. Is there a YouTube video somewhere or a site that can help me better understand this?


Just copy & paste the code
I recommend you try it on the PayPal sandbox website first to make sure it is working correctly for you, the sandbox website is used for testing payments.


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