is InfinityFree Website Hosts Shared-Hosts??
I mean are multiple accounts using one host??
I get a problem that filtered/sanctioned my site
so I thought someone did something and my account host is filtered/sanctioned too.

Yes, this is shared hosting.


hell no… now I must buy a VPN for that :sob:

I’m not sure what the issue you’re facing is, but I don’t think a VPN would help. Perhaps you meant a VPS?

In any case yes, InfinityFree is a free shared hosting provider. You didn’t think you were signing up for a VPS or dedicated server, did you? It may not be specifically mentioned but I’d be really confused if someone would offer free dedicated hosting.


There are hundreds of websites hosted on each server with free hosting.

A VPN encrypted traffic between your computer and the VPN server, it hides (some) of your actions only from your ISP.

If you want your own server, expect to pay more then $100 a year, dedicated servers are not cheap


no no no it just a normal website and u can check it (
but i dont know why it not gonna load in my country (Iran)
maybe USA sanctioned Iran to use InfinityFree Hosts
admins knows it better… can they answer to this issue?

there is new term or rules on infinityfree that’s about Persian Users?

InifnityFree is based out of the UK, and most of it’s servers live there.

There is nothing preventing you (by us) from visiting your site. Can you open a new support topic and share the error message you are getting?


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