Several ssl certificate no https website not working free hosting

my account epiz_32414459
my website url

Error Message

i have added my website to cloudflare for https where as shows E1 and lets encrypt ssl certificate on https and sometimes it doesnt open i am on infinity free free webhosting plan

Other Information

Thanking you for act of your kindness

How long ago did you enable Cloudflare on your domain? Please note that this involves a DNS change, which can take up to 72 hours to fully take effect everywhere.

There is not much you can do about that except for wait.


On 19 th of August 2022 I switched to cloudflare dns.
I can open my webapp on http but doesn’t opens on https

ok for me


Did you do this?

Make sure to clear CloudFlare then browser cache


This time now I open it shown s this 404
Help me

I am using cloudflare free dns services



Why this 404 happened

Did you read?

Perhaps you read this as well


Sorry kangJL O i am still getting 404 it more than 72 hours

My be infinity free side fault
Please :pray:

No, it is not

Issue is most likely on your end


Again same 404 why

Your website works for me. (Using Let’s Encrypt E1 SSL)
In my experience, that 404 Error will happen when a domain is active on a hosting account but pointed to the wrong IP Address (A Record). Maybe you should clear your cache?

So far none of us is having 404 issue except you.
Problem is on your end.
You can try to access via

  1. mobile network
  2. or vpn

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