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Hi, Total noob here, never heard about a website before…
Was trying to install WordPress with https:// in infinityfree hosting with freenom domain (using online tutorial).
To use https:// I needed an SSL certificate.
While creating an SSL certificate, it asked me to enter cname records to my domain provider. I went to “manage freenom dns” and entered CNAME records, those records are still there, I verified. But on install SSL page it’s still showing this error:

" The required CNAME record could not be found. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect. "

What to do now?
It’ll be really helpful if someone can provide step by step guide from this current stage.


The CNAME records (or any other DNS records) should be configured with the DNS provider of the domain name. This could be the same provider who gave you the domain name, but often isn’t.

If you’re using our hosting, you’re probably using our nameservers on your domain. Because of that, we are both the web hosting provider and the DNS hosting provider for your domain.

Of course, you can still add CNAME records to Freenom’s DNS, but doing so has as much effect as writing the DNS records down on paper. Because while the are a DNS hosting provider, they are currently not your DNS hosting provider.

As for step by step instructions, maybe this article can help you.


So, I got the SSL certificate, uploaded the same to cpanel > SSL. But it’s still showing this error while installing WordPress with https://

"A trusted SSL Certificate was not found "

I can also see a padlock icon on my website means it’s installed


What to do?

@Admin I clicked on install WordPress and now it’s stuck at 2%.

This is a known issue. You can easily work around it by installing it with http:// first, and once the installation is complete, going to Settings → General in the WordPress admin panel and changing the site URLs to https://.


@Admin But I continued with https:// and now it’s stuck at 2%

You can either wait longer, or assume that it has failed and try again. I can’t magically make the progress bar move faster.


Done, mark this as resolved

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