Setting up email on free?


My daughter and I are trying to create a pirate themed website ( to have fun with her relatives and learn something.

We are on the free tier at the moment.
Is it possible to set up an email account so she can message from ‘[email protected]’? When we click on the email part of control panel it seems to suggest not possible on free tier.
Is there any work around or way to have someone else host the free part?

Sorry, we are absolute beginners with this!

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You can’t setup email accounts and forwarders on free hosting because of spam and abuse on their servers. If you want to set up an email account consider using another email hosting provider (Zoho and Yandex still have free tiers) or upgrading to Premium Hosting as it offers many features.


Sorry, but email is not allowed in free hosting, consider to upgrade to if it is needed, also it offers VP Premium

I already posted that before, thanks.


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