Setting up DNS with Cloudflare

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Error Adding Domain…

This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers…

Remember, you need to change the nameservers on a domain via registrar control panel BEFORE adding it to your account, it may take 24~72 hours to completely update the nameservers.:

Please verify your nameservers and/or change them to:

(The nameservers are changed via your domain registrar control panel, NOT your hosting control panel.)

After changing the nameservers you may have to wait 24~72 hours prior to being able to add the domain to your account…
Once the name servers are set it may take upto 76 hours before the domain can be added here.

Other Information


I’m trying to migrate a couple existing Wordpress websites from another provider, and they were set up with Cloudflare.

I created them as subdomain, and when I try to add my domain to the account in vistapanel either as addon or parked domain I get an error message.

I already changed the DNS records on Cloudflare to the InfinityFree IP shown in my account, but it’s now redirecting to a “suspended domain” page.

Alternatively, I tried to bypass Cloudflare and change the nameservers in my registrar as instructed, but it failed to find the servers.

What’s the best way to make this work? Should I delete the account and start over with the correct domains (the ones I own)? Why is my registrar rejecting the nameservers provided?

Welcome, pls follow belows steps to add domain to InfinityFree

If you encounter issues while changing nameservers

You are out of luck.
However, if you are successful, then proceed with guide below…

Good luck!!


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I guess I’m out of luck. All of my domains are so there’s no hosting them directly.

I’ll try to add the cname records through Cloudflare, but then I’d need to set them up in vPanel so the domains are pointing to the right folder - and it would still return that error because the nameservers are not set.

Any idea how to make it work? I mean, even if I can’t use my domain here, there should be a way to make it point to the domain.

No, you dun do that.
If your domain is on CloudFlare, you can try to use the page rule to redirect from to domain.


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