Setting DNS for subdomain

My website URL is:
I need to set DNS A records for my subdomain:

You can’t set A records on free hosting, unless you use your own nameservers to do that.

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“fully featured” is subject to interpretation. I wouldn’t say the ability to set custom A records on subdomains is a feature required to host a website.

The next best thing I can offer you is the CNAME records section. If you know of a domain name that points to the IP, you can point a CNAME record for the short subdomain to that domain. If you don’t know of such a domain, a reverse DNS lookup may give you something usable (search the web for ways to do that).

Alternatively, you could move your domain to an external DNS provider. But then you’re responsible for setting up your DNS records correctly and keeping them up to date, so I highly recommend you get familiar with DNS before doing that.


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