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Services for this domain name have been disabled.

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In one instant my website was working (as it has been for the last 4 months, and 10 seconds later it was not anymore.

THe domain/website works fine…


Please login to the client area, click Manage next to your hosting account and read the yellow banner in the middle of your screen.

It was put there to be hard to miss. If you have any suggestion on how to make it more clear, I’d be happy to consider it.


Which Banner?

If it’s already passed more than 72 hours of displaying the yellow banner after the hosting account was created, it will disappear. By the way, the article of which it redirects to is this:


The problem is: the doman already started working. Worked well for the last 4 months, but yesterday this message started appearing

@joaovuolo I would guess it’s because of something going with your ISP dns caching, because it’s happened after 4 months plus nobody except you faces into that issue while visiting your website.

here’re my suggestions.

  1. Try to access your site with vpn.
  2. Clear your DNS cache.
  3. Try with another device/network.

I’m sorry about that. 99% of the time people report issues like this it’s because of DNS caching on a new account or domain, so I blindly assumed that was the case here too.

The page you saw is generated by the domain parking service we use for unused domain names. This should not be visible on any domain name, especially if the domain name has been running for a while.

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