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My website dors not working from now 12h and i can’t recover m’y files… In the FTP client (FileZilla but also thé online file manager from cpanel), that Say me that it’s no files on m’y account (everything ass dessapear) but i wan’t also that thé servers doesn’t work… I must work on these please help me.

Other Information

In the cpanel is also spawn a new error ( It appears the document root for the domain name does not exist, please contact support 89347349288)

Hey there, don’t panic!
Seems like we are having same issue:

The only solution seems is to wait for now. However FTP is working for me.


Can u upload file in your FTP ? For me it’s impossible to make anything (that always say permission denied) but on my website, i now get a 404 error…

There appears to be a problem with the hosting volume your website is on, vol7_7. After checking your account and a few others, it appears that all files and directories of accounts on this volume are missing.

That’s all I know at this time. I don’t know what happened to your files or if they can be recovered, or how long it would take for that to happen.

I have asked iFastNet to investigate this. I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more.


An update regarding this issue: the data in question is being migrated to a new PHP 8.2 server. The hosting platform is already updated to point to the new server, but not all data has been migrated yet. The remaining accounts are currently being migrated, and your files should be restored automatically within the next 24 hours.


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