Server's certificate is not trusted

At first the SSL on my site was running normally, but after a few days in my Chrome browser a warning appeared, unfortunately I think it interferes with how to make the browser display a green padlock in the address bar

Can you please provide the site link

InfinityFree SSL does not have subdomain support

Is it true? but infinityfree does provide ssl for subdomains, why do you say it doesn’t support it?

That’s the free subdomains
(,, ect)

ooh, does it not apply other than free subdomains?


For me i see a green padlock on your site, can you try using private mode on your browser?

I don’t think so

Lol ur using win 7

Yes, because I already have win10. And stop going off-topic just for reminding me a thing especially when i’ve my own proper reason for using win7.

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ok, jeez

InfinityFree does now provide Free SSL for all the free subdomains now.


What ones aren’t supported? :grey_question:

They are all supported now.

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I don’t know why, suddenly my problem is resolved by itself, my browser no longer shows the warning, thank you for everyone who replied to my message, I hope you are always healthy with your family


The problem is Browsers cache the SSL data and it can’t be cleared(so we have to wait for it to expire and update)

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We now provide free SSL for all domains. Own base domain, own subdomains and our free subdomains are all eligible for free SSL. GoGetSSL is available for all of those, but Let’s Encrypt is not available for free subdomains (but available for everything else).


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