Server taking too long to respond

I was running basic diagnostics on my site when i stumbled upon this

It has never occurred to me but is there any limitations for how much session data the server can hold in memory? Or is it normal?

I did try to load the page at that time and network showed that index.php was stalled for 1 minute 52 seconds

Session data is data stored about a certain session.

Do you think… if we have to eventually upgrade our storage holding services to hold more because we run out… that possibly, just possibly - there is a finite amount of data that can be held on a server, including session data?

The answer is yes!

That said, it may be a lot of things: the network (TTFB isn’t just the server last time I checked, and it also is inaccurate for measuring), load of other websites (this isn’t a VPS service) hosted on that machine, e.t.c.

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Yeahhh… I’m confused actually. I checked the data from other websites… Turns out… even they suffered high response time even if it wasn’t this bad… I think it’s something with the server, not the session storage related

Please do note this is a Free Web Hosting. We need actual people to run the servers etc. Please dont expect under 2 second loading times. Unless you optimized it

Like I said, it could be due to your website being shared with many others that are getting traffic.

Like I said, this isn’t a VPS hosting service.

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Yeah… I know… And yes, my organization is planning to upgrade to a premium account… But, i don’t know if we will get similar experience there. They actually told me to run this on a free account so we can know how it performs

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Yes… And even i dont expect it to load within 2 seconds… But i really don’t expect the server to take nearly 2 minutes to show it’s first paint

Anyway… it’s loading fine right now… Im expecting the server might’ve got hit with a high load for a couple of days maybe…

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yea, should load in about 3-5 seconds

XD, my website loads within 200 MS XDDDDD

In fact, all of my websites I have made typically load under 200 ms (for some reason, my Go server now loads within 300 MS, but it could be internet because bytecheck shows it’s around 20 MS).


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