Server slow 2

Can any “ADMINISTRATOR” explain this to me?

Please contact me privately.

This means that WordPress cannot establish a connection to the database.

Also, the title for this topic is very misleading. Please look for other topics in the forum before you post a new one, there are countless other ones about this.


It simply means your WP site encountered a database error. Also, this is a community form, not a “Lets ask for admins help forum”. Like @wackyblackie said, please use relevant titles, and try searching the forum first, I found this relevant result quite fast.

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The problem is that the free service does not offer admin help. So I think that in the next few days if I can’t find a better host, I think I’ll upgrade my account, to speak directly to the administrators.
In this way, we will find the real problems and solutions. Instead of going around mindlessly.

If that was the case, I think I would have fixed it in 5 seconds.
User n: “In this section I read that you put a BD error. The problem is there!”
User n: “try searching the forum first …”
Me: “…”
Me: “… I have to upgrade my account to premium, to know what is really happening”
This is a fact.

User n: “Please, what an unpleasant person and who disrespects us”
Me: “”

Did you even read that sentence? This is free, so no one is getting paid to help you, so why would the only admin take on a full time job helping people for free?

Go ahead! That’s one of the big pluses of premium, you get professional support.

Although if you do contact their support, you still do have to provide information. You consider this “mindless”, but part of this is that you have not provided anything we can use to help you. If you want help, you have to provide us with something we can actually help with.


Free hosting does not include private support. But that doesn’t mean there is no support. Free hosting includes support through the (public) community forum where staff (like myself) and other people (like @wackyblackie and @Greenreader9) are happy to help you.

You’re not all on your own.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that most people here do not have access to your account, including the files, databases and settings on it. So it’s up to you to describe the issue in detail and provide all relevant information, because most people here cannot retrieve that information themselves. So you can’t just ask “I get this error, can you check why”, because for most people the answer is “no” because they can’t look inside your account.

If you want private support with people who can look inside your account, that’s available with all premium hosting services.


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