Server-side duplicate html bug

Since I started using infinityfree over a week ago I’ve had this issue several times. After an update to the files in the file manager and then viewing the live website, a part of the html code will be duplicated. This is a duplication not present on the local server version of the page.

Usually re-uploading the files fixes it, but today that solution was not working either.

N.b. of course I always hard refresh and, when in doubt, empty cache and hard refresh. I tested on multiple devices and browsers too so it’s definitely a server-side problem.

I was working on this for about half-an-hour just now because my menu.php code, which is included on multiple pages of my site, was being duplicated. I noticed that the code still being loaded even when deleting menu.php from the file manager. The only way I was able to fix the problem was by renaming the file to menuA.php and changing all includes to use that name.

I found two posts by people who had the same problem- here and here. But the responses were not helpful and the OPs never wrote further about it, presumably because the problem was randomly fixed server-side or something.

Just wondering if anyone has any info on this issue or if this is just normal when using a free server.

My website is selliotp(dot)com, though everything is working fine now. [the (dot) is because I’m a new user and have hit the 2 link limit]

The online file manager has this tendency of code duplication.
Please use Filezilla instead


Thank you! I’m surprised no one replied this to those other users. Filezilla was easy to set up with this guide and is a much better experience than the online file manager.

It’s likely that they had a different issue, or managed to get it resolved on their own before the file manager could be pinpointed as a potential source of the problem; if you look up “duplicated”, you can find posts that reference it, such as this:

Glad to hear the desktop FTP client experience is being much better!


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