Server returned error 500

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:I followed the docs of InfinityFree.I turned on the error information.But how I fix this.?I cannot access Wordpress administration while this error existing.

I’m using this software:Wordpress

Additional information:


I’m not sure about WordPress, but some scripts suppress error output, even if the server says it should be shown. But I know that with WordPress, you can enable debug mode by changing the WP_DEBUG flag in the wp-config.php of your website. This should show more information about any error that’s occurring on your site.

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Thanks for you reply.
In fact,I downloaded a plugin called Deep Free Plus plugin.The error said failed to load the plugin.But I couldn’t access the administration so couldn’t delete it.Therefore,I decided to run again as you take a look at that link should be shown right now.

If you know that a plugin is broken, you can forcefully disable the plugin through the database or by removing the plugin files. This way, any broken plugin code doesn’t run on your site anymore.

Both methods are described in this article:

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Hi, may I ask a question?
Does the WordPress is hosted by your team.?When I try to login my account ( which created in InfinityFree ) to original Wordpress.It doesn’t working.I can just login by accessing to InfinityFree Wordpress.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean by that. We don’t do anything special with WordPress. We make it easy to install with Softaculous, but that’s just normal WordPress with a different installation procedure. What do you mean exactly by InfinityFree WordPress?

Also, we don’t use WordPress for anything ourselves.

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But,in fact.I cannot login the account created in InfinityFree to WordPress site.I could just login to InfinityFree Softaculous Wordpress.
I see that when I access to that wordpress (InfinityFree) The URL is like

So… what exactly do you expect from us here?

The credentials for your WordPress site are the ones you entered when you installed WordPress. If you forgot the credentials you can attempt to retrieve and reset them:

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I can’t login to the Official Wordpress by accessing the details created in InfinityFree.
I can login to the Wordpress from InfinityFree Softaculous by accessing the details created in InfinityFree.

One thing I am wonder is does the details created in InfinityFree can’t access to Official Wordpress?

If it could.In fact I can’t.

Because, again, the credentials you need to use are the credentials you entered when installing WordPress. You cannot login with your hosting account credentials, unless you specifically entered hosting account credentials during the installation procedure to use them as your WordPress admin details.

There is no relation between WordPress and InfinityFree. The password database of your WordPress installation is completely separate to our hosting account database.

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Ok.Clear.So it there any way that I can login to WordPress along those.

I think there was a confusion in terms here
I believe you actually mean or
and not on your WP site.


Good point, @Oxy, I forgot about the service too.

So, to summarize, you can have up to three different logins related to WordPress:

  • Your InfinityFree hosting account login. By default, this has a username like epiz_12345678 and a randomly generated password. You can use these to login to the control panel on And if you installed WordPress manually (without Softaculous), you’ll have used these credentials for the database settings and FTP connection.
  • Your WordPress website admin login. When you installed WordPress on your hosting account (by hand or through Softaculous), you must have created an administrator account for your website. You can login to your website at http:// (your website domain) /wp-admin/ with these credentials to manage your website. This is the software from WordPress.ORG.
  • Your account. is primarily a managed hosting service for WordPress. can also provides additional features to a self hosted WordPress installation through the Jetpack extension. However, this is completely optional. Having an InfinityFree account or setting up a WordPress(.org) website does not require or automatically create an account for If you want, you can sign up for an account yourself to use the Jetpack plugin.

I hope this helps to clarify things a bit. If it’s not clear yet, can you please point out which of the above “WordPress” related things you are trying to login to?


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